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Product description
Item: BL6168
Size: 37X21X41.5mm(1.48"x0.8"x1.5")
Weight: 63.6g
Voltage 4.8V / 6.4V
Curren: 200mA / 300mA
Operating Speed: 0.18sec.60º / 0.14sec.60º
Stall torque: /
Bead band: ≤3uSec
Operating trave: 40º/one side pulse 400us
Potentiometer: High Precision Potentiometer
Ball bearing: MR106 High Precision
Gear: Metal
Connector wire: 300mm
Operating Temperature: -20℃~+70℃




Servo motors  can be  used in many industrial applications as follows.

1. Electric lock (anti-heft door lock servo)  

2. Smart lamp Switch Servo 

3. Washing machine safety mechanism servo  

4. Water/gas valve control Servo 

5. Luggage case lock servo 

6. Camera gimbal control servo 

7. UAV heavy duty servo  

7. Servo Release Servo Drop 

9. Safety lock servo 

10. Automatic Perfume and liquids Sprayer Servo  

11. Smart bike gear change servo 

12. Electric car mirror servo  

13. Car seat adjustment servo 

14. Robot arm servo

15. Medical equipment servo 

16. Curtain Servo

17. Robot servo  

18. Wheel servo  

19. Car window winding servo

20. A lock door in waste container

21.Vacuum cleaner



24. EV Charger







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